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90 Years of Varsity Sports Excellence LHS Varsity Sports

LHS Varsity Hall of Fame is celebrating 90 Years of LHS Varsity Sports Excellence at the Meadowlands Racetrack.  Click here for more information.

LHS Mock Trial Team work closely with active attorneys Gavel

Attorneys Who Volunteer to Coach Mock Trial Teams Benefit as Much as Students

For Mitchell L. Pascual and Michael D. Witt, it was litigation with a twist—fun, fictional and inspiring. In fact, for the two experienced lawyers with Chasan Law, serving as attorney-coaches for the mock trial team at North Bergen High School was one of the most satisfying experiences of their careers.

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Asbestos Survey Testing Results - February 2017 AHERA

Results from the February 2017 6-month AHERA Surveillance.

In Case of Emergency - 911 911

In times of emergency always contact 911.  Please review the attached.

Sports Briefs

Check back often for news briefs on the progress of the Golden Bears throughout their seasons.  Click here for updates.

2016 Water Testing Results - Lyndhurst High School

In accordance with new state policies on Water testing in schools, the Lyndhurst Schools have conducted tests and are sharing our findings with you.  Click here for the results of the water testing at Lyndhurst High School.

School Schedules 2016-17

Here are the time schedules for PK-4, PK-D, and K-12 for the 2016-17 school year.  A great resource for our district families to print and post for easy reference all year long!  Click here to access the Bell Schedules.

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