Superintendent's Office


Mrs. Shauna C. DeMarco

“Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.”

– William Butler Yeats

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To Our Lyndhurst Public School Community,

Welcome to the final full week of school for the 2016-17 school year!  As we enjoy the excitement of the end of year activities, and eagerly await the glory of graduation ceremonies and the slow pace of summer, we reflect upon the year that is reaching its close and prepare for the year ahead.

Our efforts to continuously support our high-quality faculty and staff, to enhance and improve student achievement and well-being, and to excel in our performance as a district will continue as we journey towards a new, exciting and innovative district organization.  It is important that we collectively understand and recognize that this journey will require the movement of personnel, the cooperation of our community and a continued alliance with our township leadership. We are grateful for the vast amount of support that has been granted to our district and for the amazing educational opportunities that we have been given.

Keeping this in mind, it is with great excitement and enthusiasm that I share with you the administrative framework for the Lyndhurst Public Schools for the 2017-18 school year.  Please join me in congratulating  some of our current administrators as they take on new positions beginning July 1, 2017:


  • Mr. Joseph DeCorso will be our District Director of Curriculum, Instruction, Assessment and Technology.  This 12-month central office position will replace the current Interim Assistant Superintendent  position, held by Dr. James Corino.
  • Dr. Corino will remain a district consultant and we look forward to his continued support and contributions to our district.
  • Ms. Jamie Stevens will be the District Supervisor of Student and Special Services and will also serve the district 12 months/year.
  • Ms. Elba Castrovinci will be the District Supervisor of Elementary (PK-6) English Language Arts, Social Studies, and World Language.
  • Mr. Blake Spence will apply his leadership experience and experience as an elementary educator to the high school and continue to service our district as a high school Social Studies teacher.
  • Ms. King-Dobson will be moving forward to a new adventure in her career as of July 1, 2017 and we wish her only the best in her future endeavors.
  • On October 1, 2017, the district will bid farewell to one of its valued, veteran leaders, Ms. Madalena Zak, our current supervisor of Science and World Language. We wish Ms. Zak all the best of health and happiness as she journeys into the relaxed world of retirement!
  • Mr. Peter Strumolo will bring his expertise, leadership and knowledge to Roosevelt School when he returns to serve as the school principal there for the 2017-18 school year.
  • Mr. Rizzo, Mr. Vastola, and Mr. Giangeruso will continue in their respective roles as principals of Memorial Campus/Lincoln  School, Jefferson School, and Columbus School/Community School and the Lighthouse PK-3.  Likewise, Ms. Vuono and Mr. Venezia will remain in their current positions as principal and assistant principal of Lyndhurst High School.

These administrative changes allow us to seek out new administrators for both our principal and supervisory teams.  We are currently in the process of rigorous interviews in our search for two new principals and one new supervisor.  One of the selected principals will serve Washington School and the other will serve Franklin School.

As a result of these changes, and in an effort to advance our district, the supervisory framework has been enhanced for the 2017-18 school year.  The new framework will broaden the content areas for each supervisor, but minimize the grade span coverage.  This is intended to support the interdisciplinary connections that strong programing should reflect.  Likewise, the implementation  of this design now will alleviate the need for further change once the district's redevelopment is completed.  The framework of supervisors will be as follows:

  • Supervisor of Elementary (PK-6) Math, Science and Technology- Ms. Luann Vozao
  • Supervisor of Elementary (PK-6) ELA, Social Studies, and World Language- Ms. Elba Castrovinci
  • Supervisor of Junior High/High School (Gr. 7-12) Math, Science and Technology- New Supervisor Hire
  • Supervisor of Junior High/High School (Gr. 7-12) ELA, Social Studies and World Language - Ms. Lisa Klein
  • District Supervisor of Athletics, PE and Comprehensive Health- Mr. Jeff Radigan 
  • District Supervisor of Special Services and Student Services- Ms. Jamie Stevens
  • As Director of Curriculum, Instruction, Technology and Assessment, Mr. DeCorso will oversee all content areas, including Fine and Performing Arts.  In doing so, he will work closely in alignment with Mr. Nick Dellosa, the district's Head Teacher in the music department.

Recent news has revealed that a multitude of surrounding districts, and districts throughout the state, have opted not to renew non-tenured personnel and/or to reduce the number of personnel in their workforce.  Sadly, these decisions are not in response to low enrollment or an over-abundance of educational programs, but rather responses to fmanciallimitations, crisis, or the prevention of such.  As a result, these districts face increased class size, reduced programming, and less support services in the year ahead.

I am beyond proud to announce that Lyndhurst issued not one single non-renewal letter this school year.  This is a testament to the performance of our faculty, the work of our administration, the expertise of Mr. David DiPisa, our school business administrator, and the efficiency of all those who manage our finances and personnel.  Likewise, we did not reduce faculty, lessen support services, or reduce programming.  On the contrary, our approved budget for 2017-18 includes increases in all of these areas. Sincere thanks to our Board of Education for its work in making this possible.

Nelson Mandela once stated, "May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears." Our hopes for an innovative, high-achieving, district of excellence will require us to continue to challenge the status quo and to make decisions in the best overall interest of our students and our instructional programs.

We are confident that this administrative design, coupled with our incredibly talented and dedicated faculty and staff, will keep Lyndhurst on the path to great destinations. Thank you for joining in our collective efforts to move forward with open minds and enthusiastic excitement for all that we can accomplish together!