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Mrs. Shauna C. DeMarco, M.A.
Superintendent of Schools

“Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.”

– William Butler Yeats

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Spring, 2018

Greetings, Lyndhurst Community ~

After enduring a winter we thought might never end, here we are . . . enjoying spring’s arrival, "PARCC"ing, and preparing for both the approaching end-of-year activities AND also the year ahead!   

The community's support of $19.8 million dollars to enhance facilities, the expansion of the district from K-12 to PK-3 through Grade 12, enhanced opportunities for special education students to stay at home and in-district, the placement of LHS on the AP District Honor Roll, and expanded coursework for all levels of learners are only a few of the achievements of the past two years that combine to demonstrate the current momentum of the Lyndhurst Public Schools, none of which will not be inhibited by the fiscal realizations identified by a forensic audit.  

Comprehensive fiscal review and analysis led to this year’s reveal of financial constraints resulting from multiple years of less-than-ideal practices.  The district now moves on, with a requirement to rectify its deficits and adjust its operations in order to resolve these issues. Despite the presentation of these fiscal challenges, I am hopeful that the efforts to support our high-quality faculty and staff, to enhance and improve student achievement and well-being, and to reach new heights in Lyndhurst’s performance rankings will continue. 

Despite mimimal reductions, the 2018-19 budget is expected to have very little direct effect on programming, student activities and student services, thereby allowing Lyndhurst’s progressive momentum towards a new, exciting and innovative district organization to continue under the leadership of a new superintendent.

I have encouraged the Board to use this time of transition in leadership as an opportunity to clearly identify its specific fiscal, educational, and facility goals for the next 2, 3 and 5 years, and to include the entire community in its decision making as often as possible.  Their work can best be supported by the community's attendance and participation in Board meetings, where the work of the Board should be done publicly, inviting each Board member to present, discuss and defend his/her votes and opinions on each topic of discussion.  While social media is one way to present opinions to your community and Board, your presence and voice at meetings can be so much more powerful and meaningful.

Additionally, it is my hope that the Board commits its trust and support to the new chief educational leader when presented with his/her professional recommendations regarding instruction, programming and personnel.  The Board’s supportive supervision of the incoming superintendent will enable him/her to effectively do the work he/she is trained to do while also enabling the Board to focus on the significant work that falls under its collective responsibilities, especially the work regarding policy and budget.  

I am excited for the journey that awaits me in my professional future, as well as for the future of the Lyndhurst Public Schools.  Likewise, I look forward to savoring my remaining years as a Lyndhurst High School parent, for it is in my role as “mom” that I have always found true solace, purpose and contentment.    

I remain grateful for the vast amount of support that has been granted to me by so many of my fellow community members and colleagues during my thirteen years of service as a teacher, principal, assistant superintendent and Superintendent in this district.  It has been my honor and privilege to serve the children of Lyndhurst with my whole self:  mind, heart and soul.  Just as we tell our student athletes to do when preparing for a big game, I will move forward from Lyndhurst knowing that I left it all “on the field,” as a true Golden Bear is expected to do.



February, 2018

I am proud to be a member of the Bergen County Association of School Administrators, a professional group of educators united in commitment to the safety of our schools and the voices of our students.  

Please click on the link below to see the BCASA open public letter regarding school shootings, school safety, and the power of students' opinion.   Thank you. 

BCASA Open Letter Regarding School Shootings





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