Superintendent's Office


Mrs. Shauna C. DeMarco

“Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.”

– William Butler Yeats

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Dear Lyndhurst Community Members,

It is with sincere excitement, enthusiasm and yes,- exhilaration!- that we celebrate the passage of the 2016 Lyndhurst Public Schools Referendum.   The magnitude of this accomplishment by the Lyndhurst community is of great significance, as it quantifies the value Lyndhurst residents place upon education as well as their belief in the future of their children and the community as a whole.

The evolution of the design encompassed by the Referendum spanned a total of 18 months.  At its inception, it comprised multiple stakeholders - from architects, administrators and engineers to attorneys, Board of Education members and Commissioners - all of whom worked continuously with commitment and dedication throughout the extensive planning process.  As the Referendum neared its launch to the community, the network of stakeholders grew to include devoted PTA groups, supportive parents/caregivers and their children, and select individuals connected to the community.  The one common factor among this widespread group of stakeholders was that each and every one of them saw the tremendous value in the plan's design and shared in our vision for the future of Lyndhurst.

Thanks to the time, energy and trust of every single individual who supported the forward progress of our school district, we now have a future to embrace that includes family-friendly schedules, neighborhood schools, enhanced and expanded programming, improvements, additions and renovations to every school, applied and vocational training, and transportation to the junior high school (a project funded by the township of Lyndhurst).  Perhaps most important,

though, is the opportunity to embrace the power we have as a collective.   For me, professionally, this represents the pulse of the heartbeat of our community . .. and reveals it to be one healthy, vibrant, and filled with longevity. Personally, I can only hope that the future ofLyndhurst inspires families- and another generation of"DeMarcos"- to make Lyndhurst their hometown, as I was inspired to make it mine.

William Arthur Ward once stated, "Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a gift and not giving it."   Please accept this communication as a sign of my sincere thanks to you, my neighbors, and allow me to repeat words I have shared in a few public forums, as they are certainly supported by the outpouring of support revealed in yesterday's Referendum voting results:

As a lifelong resident of Lyndhurst, I offer this district my heart and soul because I know, firsthand, that within our township walls exist some of the brightest, kindest, talented and mostrespectful students in all of Bergen County, and strong contributors to these strong traits are some of the best parents and educators in all of Bergen CountyI 've personally been the recipient of our students ' kindness and respect, the observer of their incredible work ethic and desire to achieve, the reader of their insightful words, and the listener of their analytical responses.  The values demonstrated by the behaviors of Lyndhurst 's students, indeed, continue to be supported by teachers in the classroom, and educators and administrators throughout our schools,  but the foundation of their values comes from their parents/caregivers.   Thank you for the pleasure of taking part in the work that you started, as you are their first and lifelong educators.

Now, with sleeves rolled up, we are ready to work and make these plans our reality ... with a dedication to excellence and a unity of purpose.  More than ever, We Are Lyndhurst!