Assistant Superintendent's Office


Dr. James Corino
Assistant Superintendent

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The Board of Education, administrative team, faculty and staff embraced a common unity of purpose in the pursuit of excellence.  Early indicators highlight significant improvement in student performance across the board.   I am honored to have been  part of this movement and look forward to contributing as Interim Assistant Superintendent.

During this 2016-17 academic year, I will continue working with the Board of Education;  Shauna DeMarco, Superintendent; and David DiPisa, School Business Administrator.  Along with general responsibilities at the Central Office, I will be leading efforts on a number of fronts, including, but not limited to, the following initiatives:

  • Development of a districtwide faculty/staff handbook
  • Development of a substitute teacher handbook and orientation program
  • Development of a grant-writing initiative 
  • Investigation of the merits of a districtwide Strategic Plan and Formal Certification by the Middle States Association: Commission on Elementary and Secondary Schools 
  • Finalization of a three-year Comprehensive Equity Plan
  • Implementation of a program to address all matters related to student registration and truancy/chronic absenteeism
  • Administration, update and renewal of Board of Education policies and regulations
  • Update and renewal of job descriptions
  • Creation of team-building and consensus-building strategies

​​​​​​​The community is abuzz with enthusiastic support for the school district and township’s redevelopment of school facilities initiative.  On November 8th, along with the national presidential election, we have an opportunity to make a small investment which will surely pay off in long-term/sustainable dividends in the quality of our schools and our community.    A vote in favor of this critically important initiative will go far to assure a bright future for the Lyndhurst district.   Let us all be mindful, parents and educators, of the great gift we are given when we work together and assume the sacred responsibility of educating our children.  We must work together in a spirit of partnership and with mutual understanding and respect.

Best wishes to you and yours for good health, peace and success.


James A. Corino, Ed. D.