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  • 02/28/2014:
    Yesterday the golden bears bowling team capped off an amazing season with a 2nd place finish at the state championship. Led by junior Jordan Lopez's series of 706 the team was able to stay in contention. After breaking numerous records and winning numerous titles this season, the team has created a Golden Bears dynasty. The loss of seniors Mike Dul and Massimo Sarracino will create a huge void, however the up and coming golden bears should take over. Congratulations on an amazing season!
  • 02/26/2014:
    In more golden bears bowling news, it was announced yesterday that three members of the team made 1st team all county. Junior Daijon Smith finished 2nd overall in the county. Right behind him in 6th place is junior Jordan Lopez. Junior Emily Young finished 4th in the county for the girls. This is the first time in golden bears bowling history that two boys made 1st team all county. This is also the first time in history that three players made 1st team all county girls and boys.  Freshman Ryan Donohue also earned second team all county honors. Congratulations ! The team will be in action for its final appearance of the season tomorrow where they will battle for the state championship. The tournament is being held at Carolier Lanes in North Brunswick at 9:30AM.
  • 02/10/2014:
    In a record breaking weekend, the golden bears bowling team completed the triple crown by winning the state sectional championship Saturday morning. Their first game total of 1100 was the highest game of the tournament led by Daijon Smith's 264.  Getting out to a lead, the team never looked back. They won their group by over 200 pins. The team has now won the group 1 state sectional three years in a row. On Saturday they accomplished something that has never been done by being the overall high score among all the groups. Junior Daijon Smith led the Golden Bears with a 3 game set of 753. He finished 2nd overall and earned a spot to bowl for the individual state championship on Wednesday at Carolier Lanes. Right behind him was junior Jordan Lopez with a 675. The team will be bowling in the state championship on Friday also at Carolier Lanes.
  • 02/03/2014:
    In another impressive outing for the golden bears bowling team, junior Emily Young continued her great bowling on Saturday in the state sectional. She started the first game with 8 strikes in a row and finished with a 248, the 3rd highest game in the tournament. Her next two games of 213 and 245 earned her a spot in the state championship held on February 12th. Her series of 706 was good for 3rd place out of 199 girls and is the highest of her career and the highest girls series in Lyndhurst history. She in the 2nd girl in Lyndhurst history to qualify for the state championship.  She will look to continue her winning ways today with the rest of the team when they face Hasbrouck Heights in the last regular season match of the year.  Congratulations Emily !
  • 01/31/2014:
    The golden bears bowling team locked up first place in the NJIC Meadowlands Division yesterday at Wallington Lanes. This is the team's third consecutive league championship. The attack was led by junior Emily Young who had a solid performance in game 1 bowling a 202. Junior Mike Hayes made his first varsity start this season and was steady the first game bowling a 193. The second game was also led by Young bowling another 202 and having one of her best days yet. Young will compete Saturday in the state sectional championship and hopefully qualify for a spot in the state championship on February 12th. After finishing 3rd in the county championships, Young is a strong contender.  Congratulations Golden Bears bowling on your three-peat.
  • 01/30/2014:
    Another good day on the lanes was had yesterday for the golden bears bowling team.  Avenging their only game loss on the season, Lyndhurst easily handled North Arlington this time around.  In a competition among themselves the first game was led by junior Daijon Smith with a 226.  Senior Mike Dul contributed a 218, junior Jordan Lopez had a game of 217 and freshman Ryan Donohue bowled a 206.  The second game was also easily won led by Smith with a 191.  With only three regular season matches to go Lyndhurst has a chance to lock up first place tomorrow against St. Mary's.  They are 13-0 on the season.
  • 01/28/2014:
    In another record setting performance, the Golden Bears bowling team easily handled Becton with an overall win of more than 500 pins.  The outing was led by junior Jordan Lopez, who in the first game bowled a 265.  In the second game, the match saw 2 players with the first 8 strikes.  Freshman Ryan Donohue left a single pin in the 9th frame and concluded with three strikes to shoot 279.  Lopez accomplished the Golden Bears second perfect game of the season by shooting 300 to conclude his day and the match.  This is Lopez's second 300 game of his Golden Bears career.  In the effort, the lineup of Donohue, junior Emily Young, junior Daijon Smith and Lopez shot a total game score of 975, breaking the school record set a couple weeks ago of 970. The Golden Bears bowling team is now 12-0 on the season.  Smith is leading the division in average and is second in all of Bergen County.  Lopez's two game total of 565 shatters the previous two game total of 538 set a few weeks ago by Lopez himself.  Donohue is the most decorated freshman bowler in Golden Bears history.  Young and Dul are steady in the lineup and helping amass all the records.  The team is back in action on Wednesday against North Arlington.
  • 01/20/2014:
    In what was the best day in Golden Bears Bowling history, the team won the Bergen County Championships on Saturday.  After a great morning block led by juniors Jordan Lopez and Daijon Smith, the team had a 169 pin lead over Indian Hills.  After a short lunch break, the team again posted big numbers and finished the tournament with a new county record of total pinfall of 6220.  The previous record was held by Bergen Catholic with a 6211. The Golden Bears were the group 1/2 champions as well as the overall county champions.  They won the tournament by over 200 pins to runner up Westwood. This win is the first piece of the puzzle in advancing to the state championship. The record breaking performance was led by Lopez, the defending Bergen County individual champion who finished 4th this year and averaged 229 on the day.  Right behind him in 7th place overall was Daijon Smith who averaged 218.  The best performance of the day came from senior Mike Dul who had a breakout performance and was named the MVP of the golden bears for the day.  He averaged 213, finished 11th overall and was the catalyst for the team all day long.  Freshman Ryan Donohue had a strong performance with a 201 average on the day.  Senior Massimo Sarracino and juniors Emily Young and Mike Hayes also contributed to the win. The Golden bears are back in action tomorrow where they look to extend their lead in the league.  Without a loss on the season, the Golden Bears are poised to win the league late next week with a week and half to go.
  • 01/17/2014:
    The bowling team was back in action against Wallington yesterday.  Being the league's biggest rivals, the match was set to be a good one.  In extremely dramatic fashion, the golden bears won the first game by only 5 pins, led by Daijon Smith with a 227. Senior Mike Dul contributed a 213, junior Emily Young had a 182, and junior Jordan Lopez threw all 3 strikes in the 10th frame to ice the game.  In 3 games, the golden bears had beat Wallington by just 15 pins total.  In an attempt to show who the league's best team is, the golden bears easily won the 2nd game led by stellar performances from Smith with a 278, Lopez with a 256 and freshman Ryan Donohue with a 247.  The performance was just shy of again breaking the team game record. The junior varsity bowling team is also undefeated on the season and is being led by senior Massimo Sarracino and junior Michael Hayes.  Freshman Tyla D'Andrea's game is coming along and she has put up some really high scores. The golden bears will compete this weekend in the Bergen County Championships and look to get the first piece of the puzzle in the state championship.
  • 01/15/2014:
    The Golden bears bowling team faced Secaucus for the second match in a row.  With Secaucus having some lineup issues, the Golden bears easily handled the win.  The first game was led by junior Daijon Smith with a 258.  Junior Jordan Lopez also helped with a 215.  The second game was much closer until the 2nd half of the game when Lyndhurst pulled away. Smith again led the bears with a 213.  Senior Mike Dul bowled a good game of 195. The Golden Bears are 9-0 on the season and have won 44 matches in a row going back to 2011. They have a day off today but are back on the lanes Thursday against rival North Arlington.
  • 01/14/2014:
    The Lyndhurst golden bears continued making history this weekend and yesterday.  Junior Emily Young bowled in Bergen County Girls Championships on Saturday.  After a well bowled but not high scoring first game, she finished strong to earn herself a 3rd place finish.  Her series of 626 was her high of the season and she continues to make Golden Bears history. The third place finish is the highest for a Lyndhurst girl since 2011.  Emily is competing to make history and will bowl the state sectional tournament on February 1st. On Monday, the Golden Bears bowling team took on rival Secaucus in the first league position round.  In what was supposed to be a close match, the Golden Bears completely obliterated every school record and the Secaucus bowling team. Winning the first game easily the Golden Bears were led by a season high game of 268 by junior Jordan Lopez.  Great games were also bowled by senior Mike Dul with a 244, junior Emily Young with a 236 and junior Daijon Smith with a 224.  The team game of 970 beats the previous team record set last week of 931. The second game was no different with the Golden Bears again bowling well.  Junior Jordan Lopez led the attack again beating the previous game and shooting 270.  Smith had a great showing as well with a 245.  Dul bowled a 225 with no open frames.  Young contributed a 155.  The two game set of 1865 completely obliterated last weeks record breaking score of 1761.  The Golden Bears are making history daily as they are now 8-0 on the season and leading the league by 10 points halfway through the regular season.  Smith is leading the league in average by over 10 with a 223.  Young is leading on the girls side with a 187. The two game set of 467 by Mike Dul is a personal best and he is peaking at just the right time.  Lopez's two game set of 538 breaks his own record set last year.  The Golden Bears are back in action today against Secaucus again in a regular season match.
  • 01/10/2014:
    The Golden bears bowling team played Hasbrouck Heights yesterday and came in ready.  The lineup of Ryan Donohue, Mike Dul, Daijon Smith and Jordan Lopez continued their record breaking ways.  The first game was easily won with a total of 931 to Hasbrouck Heights 634.  The attack was led by Lopez with a game of 266. The total of 931 breaks the previous school record of 926 set by the same 4 bowlers. The second game was also easily won.  Junior standout Daijon Smith led the bears with a season best 257.  Donohue also threw a great game of 226.  The team totaled 830 for the game which gave the Golden bears a two game total of 1761 which broke the previous record of 1736 set by the same lineup. Junior, Emily Young will compete this weekend in the girls individual county tournament. With a good showing, she will have a shot at the county title.  The team will be back in action next week and looks to keep their winning streak alive.  The Golden Bears are 7-0 on the season.
  • 01/09/2014:
    The Golden Bears bowling team continued their winning ways yesterday against Becton.  In what was a close game until the 8th frame, the Golden Bears then blew it wide open and easily won led by junior Daijon Smith with a 244.  Gaining confidence, they easily handled the 2nd game and won with an attack led by junior Jordan Lopez with a 206.  The Golden Bears are now 6-0 on the year and haven't lost a match in their last 41 outings. The Golden Bears junior varsity team is also undefeated on the season being led by senior Massimo Sarracino and junior Michael Hayes.  Freshman Tyla D'Andrea is steadily improving and keeps the future of Lyndhurst bowling hopeful. Both teams are scheduled to bowl Hasbrouck Heights today at Wallington Lanes at 4PM.
  • 01/07/2014:
    The Golden Bears bowling team saw their match play action return yesterday against St. Mary's.  In their easiest victory yet, the Golden Bears were led by junior Daijon Smith with a two game series of 453.  Smith was also named as one of two bowlers to watch in the state by the Star Ledger yesterday.  He has been the team's most consistent and steady bowler. The attack against St. Mary's was also led by junior Jordan Lopez who has been steady in the anchor spot and junior Emily Young who has earned her way in to varsity time after a great weekend where she finished 56th among 132 boys and her score was 19th overall for the girls. The Golden Bears are now 40-0 in league match play dating back to 2011.  They face rival Becton on Wednesday at 4PM.  Along with Smith, the Star Ledger ranked the Golden Bears the 5th best team in the state which is a 3 spot jump from 8th last week.
  • 01/06/2014:
    The Golden Bears bowling team was back in action this past Saturday at The New Year Team Championships.  After a shaky start with a game of 952, led by junior Daijon Smith with a 228, the Golden Bears bounced back with games of 1076 and 1025. The attack was led by individual overall champion, junior, Daijon Smith with a 3 game set of 708 beating out the field of over 100 competitors. Freshman Ryan Donohue and junior Jordan Lopez also had great 3 game sets of 673 and 634 respectively.  After the morning qualifying block the golden bears were the number 2 seed behind Passaic Tech and received a bye into the semifinal round.  The first round was a best of 3 baker game set with each player bowling 1 frame and repeating the sequence twice to complete a whole game.  After a loss in the first baker game, the Golden Bears never looked back.  They beat Westwood 2-1 and easily handled Union City 3-0 with games of 256, 204 and 233. This set up the championship match where they were slated to meet Howell High School. Howell High School is a Shore  Conference powerhouse but the Golden Bears easily beat them with scores of 231, 214, and 210.  Senior Mike Dul was steady all day filling frames and pacing the team.  Junior Emily Young was the only girl competing in the championship rounds and delivered a solid performance in the lead off spot to help propel the rest of the lineup.  Donohue, Smith and Lopez proved to be unbeatable in the 8th, 9th and 10th frames. The Golden bears are back in action today at 4PM at Wallington Lanes against St. Mary's.
  • 12/19/2013:
    The Golden Bears bowling team continued their winning ways Wednesday against Wallington.  After getting off to a bad start, the team rallied late and pulled out a 4 pin win.  Junior Jordan Lopez led the attack with a 207.  He was helped by junior Daijon Smith who bowled a 204.  In the 2nd game the Golden Bears started off strong but saw their massive lead fade away.  The team rallied at the end again to pull out a 6 pin win.  Freshman Ryan Donohue led the bears with a 223 followed by Lopez with a 185 who threw two strikes in the 10th to win the game.  This win breaks another school record as the bears have won 39 matches in a row and are 4-0 on the season.  So far this season the golden bears bowling team has broken every school record.  They will be back in action after the winter break and hope to continue their winning ways.
  • 12/17/2013:
    The Golden Bears bowling team was back in action Monday against Wood-Ridge.  After being down in the first half of the first game the team rallied late to come back and win.  They were led by senior Mike Dul with a 212 and junior Jordan Lopez with a 211.  After the first game win, they started the second game very strong.  Freshman Ryan Donohue achieved something Monday that most bowlers strive to achieve for a long time.  He bowled a perfect game of 300 and led the attack in the 2nd game.  Donohue is currently leading the Golden Bears in average.  Only a freshman, he is poised to make Lyndhurst Golden Bears history. The team also made history today by winning their 38th consecutive match and bowling one of the highest team games in school history with a 926.
  • 12/16/2013:
    Despite the snow, the Golden Bears bowling team competed in the North Jersey Singles Classic on Saturday at Parkway Lanes.  Junior, Jordan Lopez had a 3 game set of 733 and was the top qualifier receiving a bye straight into the quarter finals.  Freshman Ryan Donohue and junior Daijon Smith had sets of 556 and 564 which earned them a spot into the 2nd round.  Donohue shot 215 and Smith shot 238 in the 2nd round to advance and join Lopez in the quarterfinals.  Lopez finished 3rd with a final game of 201 and Smith and Donohue finished right behind him in 6th and 7th with games of 183 and 173. On the girls side junior, Emily Young made the 1st cut with a 3 game set of 456.  In the 2nd round she bowled 144 earning herself a 17th place finish.  Freshman Tyla D'Andrea made her Golden Bears debut and just narrowly missed the 2nd round with a set of 402.  The Golden Bears will compete against Wood Ridge today at Wallington Lanes at 4PM.
  • 12/13/2013:
    After being canceled due to snow on Tuesday the bowling team was back in action on Thursday against North Arlington. After losing the first game despite a team leading game from Jordan Lopez the team bounced back to win the next game and the total wood. They remain undefeated and have won their last 37 matches dating back to 2011.  The JV team also remains undefeated led by a score of 200 by Emily Young.  The Golden Bears will compete in the North Jersey Singles Championships this Saturday at Parkway Lanes.
  • 12/10/2013:
    The bowling team competed this past Saturday in the Bergen Catholic Tournament.  They finished 2nd behind Montville with a total pinfall of 3,044.  The team was led by freshman Ryan Donohue, who bowled 706 and captured the boys individual title.  He was helped by Jordan Lopez and Mike Dul as well as senior Massimo Sarracino and junior Emily Young. On Monday they opened their season with a match against rival Secaucus.  They won the first game by 42 pins led by a solid performance from Ryan Donohue who bowled a 217 and Jordan Lopez added a 203. The second game was much closer as lyndhurst only won by 4 pins.  The team was again led by Donohue with a 170 and finished off by Lopez who threw all three strikes in the 10th frame to put the game away. The bowling team is now 1-0 this season and continues their undefeated streak from the past two seasons.

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