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The Lyndhurst High School Counseling Department will continue to offer advising related services through virtual/online platform via email. While the services provided depend on the timing/necessity of the school closure, counselors will continue to work with their caseload of students on scheduling courses for next year. In addition, counselors will continue to provide college/career specific information, answer questions related to scholarships and any other relatable concerns students may encounter.

School Counselors will be available throughout the day in accordance with the hours of operation found in the correspondence sent home. Counselors will continue to collaborate with the instructional staff, administrative assistants, and building administrators to ensure students are provided with the necessary resources to continue learning remotely.

If questions or concerns arise while the school is closed, please reach out to your child’s counselor via email.

Susan Leidemer:
Samantha Stacy:
Tori Liaci:


Welcome to Student Services!

School Counselors, in their unique position as student guides and advisors, play a critical role in the District’s vision. The high level of service and commitment displayed by our counselors enables our students to experience measurable academic, social, and emotional growth, and to enjoy being a part of our school community! School Counselors at Lyndhurst High School view each student as an individual.   All students’ ethnic, cultural, racial, sexual differences and special needs are considered in planning and implementing the high school’s counseling program.

To best serve the needs of our students,
Lyndhurst High School Student Services Department
is committed to assisting students in making the most out of their high school experience! 

Department Staff:

Jamie A. Stevens
Director of Student Services
Ext. 4801

Susan Leidemer
Ext. 4020

Samantha Stacy
Ext. 4019

Tori Liaci
Ext. 4018