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To celebrate Teentober, the LHS Media Center held a contest: 

Capture the Moment

Students were asked to submit writings, photography and visual arts showing what it is like to be an teenager in 2020. Here are the winners:


Visual Arts Genre:

1st Place and Best Overall- Temitope Olasehinde



2nd Place- Casey Cirne



3rd Place- Isabella Freitas



Honorable Mention-Carolina Aguilar


Poetry Genre:


1st Place- Samantha May



I cannot quite point out what the craziest of all appears to be in the midst of this mess,

This pandemic that has sent the majority into stress, that makes its mission to depress;

I cannot simply dissect the strangest aspect of the way


Has changed.


Before now, before it all began,

I was in the cinema, the screen abundant in life.

I was eating in restaurants day and night,

Going to school, my social life bright.

Every day, I was inhaling caffeine with my friends at its end,

And then inhaling some more with clothes in my hand

While shopping at the mall all over again.


If I had been told a year ago,

Before this sickness laughed in my face

As I wrote a poem for a class I am left to take online,

That these humdrum routines would become scarce in occurrence,

I would respond blissfully in doubt.

However, I would soon realize how wrong my ignorance would become.


Now, my cinema is on the screen of my laptop,

My television, my phone-

My phone is all I’m on as I binge social media.

I’ve changed my appearance BECAUSE of social media.

Social media is where I found new ideas for room decor,

And now my room looks like a rock band tour

With LED lights and tapestries and crystals illuminating the atmosphere.

When I’m not cooped up at home, I go to the store

Wearing my mask and pursuing it only as a chore,

For I only go outdoors

When it is necessary to do so.



Because that was then,

And this is now.

Now is the time where I cannot be selfish,

Where I must relish

Within the outlets I am rationed because of this pandemic.

If I can save lives

By staying inside,

By abiding by the rules

And dedicating my grind

To remaining confined

Within the opportunities I can refine

Into diamond,

By participating in the design

That sets us free from these hard times,

Then I will gladly oblige.
I will make the sacrifice,

Because this sacrifice of my previous joys

Will protect the joys of others and allow for new joys to blossom for myself as well.


That was then, and this is now.
But NOW is the time

We fight.


2nd Place- Laura Sanchez

Then and Now


                                     Then, I would observe the sun’s                                          

beaming light enshroud with a cluster

of my companions

As we loitered the

busy streets of our boisterous home town

we would witness the array of

warm pinks and oranges and yellows

that would beautify our nights

As we sauntered towards the warm embrace

of our homes after a day of juvenile pastimes

the world awaited our presence

Now, I behold dawn’s vibrant hue

through a framed sheet of glass

that separates me from the company

of my friends

And the existence of a pernicious



3rd Place- Lara Yousef



Going out to eat was my favorite part of the day

Unfortunately Covid 19 took that away


Interacting with friends and family gave me a smile

But now I have to text them for a while


Singing in choir was a big part of me

Now my future with it I can no longer see     


Quarantine was the inspiration to try new things

I painted, drew, and even embroidered with strings


Shopping at the mall was something I did often

But now sitting in my room feels like a coffin


The movies used to be an enchanting escape

Today they are covered in caution tape


Watching Netflix became a daily routine

It makes me miss acting in scenes


With a book and a mask in hand,

I go out facing the unplanned


Honorable Mention- Luisa Villanueva



Photography Genre:


1st Place- Alejandro Herrera



2nd Place- Kaiya Cocliff


3rd Place- Alexis O'Rourke


Honorable Mention- Isabella DiPisa





Congratulations to all!






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