MacLean Awards 2021

Last Updated: 2/5/2021 2:40 PM

2021 John C. MacLean Awards

Scholarship Application Instructions



All candidates must be active students of Lyndhurst High School.
MINIMUM GPA OF 2.5 or higher is required.  In addition, please see individual sponsor requirements.

Scholarship Application Form:  DOWNLOAD HERE

Please review thoroughly and include all required materials.

  1. Be sure your name is on the top of each application page.
  2. Select the type (Group I or Group II) Scholarship on the top of each application page.
  3. Type your responses directly on the application form.
  • Submit application along with any additional required materials (essay, additional forms, etc.) by February 26, 2021.  Applications will not be accepted after this date.  No exceptions.


GROUP I SCHOLARSHIPS (Selected by Awards Committee):

The following scholarships require:

  • ONLY ONE APPLICATION accompanied by Group I Scholarship Checklist.  Please print the checklist and indicate the scholarships for which you are applying.
  • Group I Scholarship Check List:  CLICK HERE
  • Be sure to include all necessary essays, transcripts and letters of recommendation
  • Group I Scholarships:  CLICK HERE



GROUP II SCHOLARSHIPS (Selected by Sponsor)

The following scholarships require an individual application for each scholarship.

  • Indicate the name of each Group II Scholarship at the top of each application page
  • ATTACH ANY ADDITIONAL MATERIALS REQUIRED BY SPONSOR (See individual scholarship descriptions)
  • Group II Scholarships:  CLICK HERE


LHS / MacLean Scholarships:


John C. MacLean and Edna Favier MacLean Memorial Scholarship

Recipient must have attended LHS-4 years.  High academic achievement.  Acceptance into a 4-year college.

American Legion Honor Award


Outstanding Courage, Scholarship, Leadership and Service

Greater Bergen Realtors Scholarship   $500.00

Majoring in Business

Lyndhurst Education Association Scholarship


Continuing in the field of Education.  Please award to a student in financial need when possible.

The Chuck Detrizio Memorial Scholarship   $500.00

Recipient must have attended LHS-4 years.  Financial need, leadership, community service, character, extra-curricular activities, high academic achievement (min. 3.5 GPA) and acceptance into a 4-year college.

Polish American Citizens Club Scholarship See criteria $1,000.00

At least 50% Polish/Slavic Ancestry, continuing education, top 25% of class. Please provide documentation of Polish/Slavic Ancestry. (Letter from parent/ Parent License or Birth Certificate).

Spencer Savings Bank Scholarship

See criteria


A potential interest in banking, business, or finance; a history of community service and leadership; An excellent GPA (i.e. "A"); household income at or below $58,080.  

LHS / MacLean Scholarships:


Robert S. Rizzo Memorial Humanitarian Award See criteria $350.00

Involved in community service; letter of recommendation attesting to citizenship; proof of employment during h.s. a plus. Essay Required: "What makes you a 'good kid', and why are you deserving of a humanitarian award in memory of an all-around good guy"

Atlantic-Kenmark Electric, Inc. Scholarship in honor of the late Hector Arias   $250.00

Student who will further his/her education

Booster Club Sharon Esposito Memorial Scholarship   $1,000.00
           Recognize athletic achievement
Booster Club Timothy Kearns and Sean Kearns Memorial Scholarship   $1,000.00
           Recognize athletic achievement
Craig D. Lilore Scholarship   $1,000.00

Min. GPA 2.5, College/Voc Tech/Trade School Exhibit determination, welcomes challenges, perseverance, self-discipline, caring, looks to the disadvantaged (Craig's traits and characteristics)



Edward Malaniak Memorial Scholarship   $1,000.00

Academic achievement; Parent/Grandparent with Military Service; Athlete

Franklin School PTA Award   $200.00

College bound student who was an 8th grade graduate of Franklin School and parent or guardian is a member of the LHS PTSA

Franklin School PTA Arts Scholarship   $200.00

Franklin School Graduate; further education in Art, Music, Literature first or education in general. If a Franklin School graduate does not meet criteria - select student from other school.



Miss Ann Mezzina Memorial Scholarship - Athlete   $300.00

Student athlete with a mom who fundraises/fundraised for sports.

Jennifer Bollander Memorial Scholarship See criteria $250.00

Art as a Career (graphic art design, fashion design, interior design, art education). Service to school or community (2 or 3 samples of work)

Jefferson-Columbus School PTA Mildred Caffrey Scholarship   $100.00

Jefferson School graduate; must be attending four year college.  Parent must be PTSA member.

Jefferson-Columbus School - PTA College Award   $250.00

Awarded 2 students who are graduates of Jefferson School.  One to student attending a four-year college and one to a student attending a two-year college.  Parent must be PTA member.

Kingsland-Lyndhurst AARP Chapter #4866 Scholarship   $1,500.00

Attending a 4 year college, education career preferred but not necessary for consideration



Lyndhurst Anti-Drug and Alcohol Committee Award   $500.00

Students involved in school activities and seeking to further their education in college or trade school.





Lyndhurst High School Administrator's Award   $300.00

Plans to attend 4 yr. College; prefer-major in Education; plans to pursue college athletics; must be C+ or better; must be a student in good standing (behavior, academic, etc.)

Lyndhurst Police Emergency Squad Scholarship   $500.00

Future education in medical field, such as Biology, Nursing, Pre-Med, Paramedic, Physical/Speech Therapy, Respitherapy OR work/involved in EMS or medical field

National Honor Society Scholarship See criteria $100.00

Must be a NHS member in good standing with at least a  3.5 WGPA. Must have active participation in school related extra-curricular activities, and have consistent Involvement in community affairs. Sponsor recommendation will be strongly considered. An essay of interest focused on NHS' unique impact on oneself and/or community must be submitted for review.



Roosevelt School PTA Award   $300.00

Attending 2 or 4 year college or post secondary school.  Graduate from Roosevelt School.  Parent or Guardian who is or was an active participant in the PTA as Executive Board Member or Chairperson.



Washington School PTA Scholarships   $250.00

"C" average or above, full time college student - 2 years including tech or community school, Washington School graduate, and past PTA parent member - current PTSA member.

Woman's Club of Lyndhurst Instrumental Music Scholarship   $250.00

Participation in Instrumental Music for minimum 3 years; citizenship to school and community involving music; letter of recommendation from Band Director and teacher or counselor

Women's Club of Lyndhurst Scholarship   $1,000.00

Male or Female applicants with a 3.0 GPA, evidence of citizenship to School and Community, and proof of acceptance in a 2 or 4 year program.

Paul Contey Memorial Scholarship See Attached $2,000.00

Financial need, 3.0 GPA, show evidence of citizenship to school and community, excellence in history, interest in history

Rose C. and Ralph A. Vuono Sr. Student Athlete Scholarship   $2,000.00

Male or female, currently enrolled in LHS, enrolled all 4ys, Varsity Letter winner participating in a sport, continuing to play sports in college, demonstrates leadership, spirit & sportsmanship, B average Guid. & Athl. rec. Interview.

Anthony P. Marotti Memorial Scholarship

See criteria


Minimum B average, two sports, must have four varsity letters. Demonstrates Leadership qualities and community service. Please provide a brief essay (no more than one typed page, single spaced) describing a situation or event where you had to overcome a particular hardship or difficulty. How did the way you responded to that challenge affect you in the way that you think and live your life?


Joseph and Marie Vendola Scholarship   $1,000.00

4-Year College; Medical, allied health or science related fields; average or above average GPA

Lyndhurst Fire Department Vocational Scholarship See criteria $500.00

Awarded to a student attending a vocational or technical school. Must demonstrate traits of citizenship, service, attendance and dependability. Must submit a one-page essay explaining why he or she is pursuing a career in public safety, police, fire, ems or homeland security.

Pillars of Character See Attached $500.00

Awarded to a student who demonstrates trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, citizenship and the ability to care about others.


Miss Ann Mezzina Memorial Scholarship - Roosevelt School



Roosevelt School graduate with a mom who fundraises/fundraised for Roosevelt School.

Miss Ann Mezzina Memorial Scholarship - Band



Band student with mom who fundraises/fundraised for the band.


Women's Club of Lyndhurst Visual Arts Scholarship

See criteria


Participation in Art Electives for minimum of 3 years; citizenship to school and community involving the visual arts; additional letter of recommendation from art teacher.

Women's Club of Lyndhurst Vocal Arts Scholarship

See criteria


Participation in Chorale for min of 3 years. Audition for outside vocal group such as Bergen County Choir and/or NJSMA. Citizenship to school and community involving music (i.e.: school musical, talent show, church choirs) Additional letter of recommendation from Choral Director

Mock Trial Scholarship                            See criteria $500.00

Senior who participated in Mock Trial Team for that academic year.  Interview with Ms. Gina DiMaggio required.

Angelo & Lucy Insalaco Memorial Scholarship   $200.00

Graduate must show a financial need as well as a strong desire to pursue higher education.

The Immacolata Forte College Book Fund   See Attached $250.00

This annual scholarship is to be awarded to a graduating senior who has studied Italian for multiple years (3+), earned high marks in these Italian classes, and has been an active member of Lyndhurst High School's Italian Club.  Candidates must have a minimum GPA of 3.4 and submit a short essay.

Church Alive Outreach Scholarship See Attached        $ 1,000.00

Must be a senior graduating in June 2020 and attending a 2 or 4 year college/university in the Fall of 2020.

  LHS Class of 2005 Memorial Scholarship $600.00

Student Athlete in good academic standing




American Legion Scholarship See Criteria  

Financial need, leadership, community service, character, extra curricular activities.  Applicant must be a natural or adopted descendant of an Honorably Discharged US Veteran (living or deceased) and provide a copy of DD214 Form.  Applicant must supply an essay explaining financial need, future goals in college and after college.  If applicant plans to serve in Military or First Responder (Police, Fire, EMS) after graduation.

Lyndhurst High School Music Association Scholarship - Vocal   $250.00

Vocal Audition Required

Lyndhurst High School Music Association Scholarship - Instrumental

  $400.00 & $600.00

Instrumental Audition Required