Academics...What's Happening at LHS!?

Last Updated: 11/2/2020 1:35 PM

Students in Art History learned about the color wheel. The objective was to look around and outside the house for objects that could be used to make a color wheel. Click here for artwork.

School Violence Awareness Week: 10/19-10/23

Thanks to Mrs. Stacy! Click here

Thanks to Mrs. Orth and her Intro to Video students!
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Thanks for Mrs. Auteri and her art students!
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Art 2 students learned about Grant Wood and his work. They had to choose a famous duo and create a parody drawing like the famous "American Gothic."  Some are not colored in because of supply issues at home but they still did a great job!
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Week of Respect: 10/5-10/9
Highlights from the Week of Respect. BIG thank you to the Guidance Department!
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