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If you are missing assignments for Phys Ed/Fitness For Life/Strength Training please email them to me by Friday 6/12 to receive credit.




I am a Physical Edcuation/Fitness For Life/Strength Training Teacher here at Lyndhurst High School. This is my 6th year teaching here at the High School. I am also the Freshman Baseball Coach and Head Bowling Coach


Physical Education:


Grading Policy: Each student is awarded 4 points every time they come to Physical Education Class. If a student is unprepared they would be given a -8 for that day. There are also 4 criteria we look for every single day. The four criterias are

Attendance: Student must be sitting in their attendance spot when the bell rings

Warm Up/Participation: We have a fitness warm up everyday in class that we use as our "Do Now" and we are making sure that they are giving their best effort and trying for whatever activity we have that day

Electronics: All electronics should be kept in their locker that was given to them at the beginning of the year

Respect: This pertains to respect to teachers/peers/equipment during Phys. Ed class

Students failure to cooperate with these rules would receive a -2 for each rule they are breaking.

We update Real Time every 2 weeks with their grade. 



Fitness For Life is a class that is partially in the classroom and partially in the field house or outside on the turf. This is a beginner class and we want to teach students different ways that they can work out as opposed to the traditional methods. We will also be spending a lot of time in the classroom talking about nutrition. What they are putting into their body and how it could effect them depending on their lifestyle. 



-Interval Training

-Sport Specific Training



Strength Training is a class that will take place in the Field House. We will be working on form, what you should be eating to build strength, how you can still workout despite being in season and becoming stronger throughout the class. 





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