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Nicole Ghandour

Physical Education/Health

Grades 9-12

Lyndhurst High School


Phone: 201.896.2100 extension: 4032




 Emergency School Closure Procedures:

  • Health Classes: Please use our Health Class Google Classroom Page for assignments. You will also use Google Classroom to submit assignments.
    • 9th Gr. Health Period 3  Class Code: lyirlcs
    • ​​​​​​​9th Gr. Health Period 4  Class Code: 3rtneui


  • Physical Education Classes: I have created a PE Google Classroom by Grade to submit assignments; Please use the code below and login to your grade.
    •  10th Grade PE Google Class Code: ftmu2tq
    •  11th Grade PE Google Class Code: zosury5                           

Students: It is important you understand that you will be responsible for submitting your assignments in on time. ALL assignments will be graded. Please be aware that the 3rd Marking Period ends on March 27th! Please keep checking my Google Classroom for updated assignments. Thank you for your timeliness and understanding of this new learning approach. 

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