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In case of emergency closing, use the following code to sign into Google Classroom for your daily attendance.  You must sign into Google Classroom between 9:00 - 9:30 am in order to be counted "present" for that school day.  Also, you must use your school e-mail address only!

CODE:  4enda22 



In case of emergency closing, log in to our Google Classroom page for daily assignments.  See the codes below in case you have forgotten them.

English IV Google Classroom codes:


  • A1 - dnnwxr
  • Revised to:  yhnuafc
  • A3 - 9re54yz
  • Revised to: 4ddwdxh
  • B1 - k3cfi9
  • Revised to: 54dwpj7
  • B2 - v443dz
  • Revised to:zzovszs



Google Classroom code:  

  • vcqjmkg

I am also available before or after school to help you.  Please schedule a time to meet with me!!!!  I am thrilled to help you!!!!



All late work will lose 10 points for each school day it is late.  For example: if your work was due on a Wednesday and you submit it on Friday - it will automatically lose 20 points.  If your work was due on Wednesday and you submit it on Thursday - it will automatically lose 10 points.



If a student is absent the day of class, but is in school the following day - that student is responsible to check the teacher page (or learn from a friend or the teacher in person) to find out what work is due on the next day of class.  For example:  if you are absent from our class on Tuesday, but you come to school on Wednesday, then you are responsible for coming to see me or checking the teacher page to learn what is due on Thursday.

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