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Nick Dellosa
201-896-2100  ext: 4012

Please check the Music Department website & the Lyndhurst Band Facebook page for all other information or feel free to contact me at
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Mr. Dellosa


Current Information

All Concert Band, Jazz Band  & Music Theory Students, please join my google classrooms with the codes listed below. During our school closures due to the coronavirus, assignments will be posted for each class. Students must read, complete, and submit all assigned work for each class by the end of the day. All work will be graded accordingly.  Please remove your instrument from the band room on Friday, March 13, 2020

Concert Band  - elxvwqh

Basic Music Theory - 75xouyf

Jazz Band - uq3g7rh


Band Students-practice all "Five Minute A Day" scales for graded performance.  Remove all instruments from band room. 

All stand music will be reviewed at music lessons. Focus on full tone. Percussionist, please review all music with a metronome.

Music Theory Students-Practice your keyboard and 5 fingered patterns.

Be prepared for solfeggio tests.

Complete # 18 Octave Transposition


Music Theory 

This course is open to students interested in learning about the fundamentals of music. Music notation, harmony, rhythm, form, musical dictation, and sight-reading will be studied. This course is meant for students wishing to develop a basic working knowledge of music.  Enrollment is dependent on the instructor's approval.  Students have daily lessons that are reinforced with our midi computer lab.  worksheets, workbooks, computer programs, reading and writing music are incorporated.  It is suggested that each student constantly practices ear training on their own. The daily singing of solfeggio and keyboard skills are suggested. Each student is required to purchase a keyboard for music theory assignments. 

Instrumental Lessons 

Lessons are scheduled for each student once a week on a rotating basis.  A copy of this schedule is sent to the faculty and is posted in the band room each week.  Practicing, preparation and attendance for lessons are graded.  If a student is absent the day of a lesson, it must be made up.  If a student needs to miss a lesson for any reason, they must inform Mr. Dellosa at the beginning of the day so they are not marked absent.  Every student is required to make up every lesson for a grade.


Concert & Marching Band Performances

Students join the bands to perform at each performance and rehearsal is graded.  The Memorial Day performance is mandatory and double graded.  If there is a conflict for any performance due to a family obligation, it is the responsibility of the student to notify Mr. Dellosa at the beginning of the year, not the day before the event. In the event of illness, students are required to provide a Doctor's note.  If there are any last-minute emergencies, please contact Mr. Dellosa directly.


Equipment & Uniforms

Students are responsible for all school-owned equipment.  Students that borrow school-owned instruments are responsible for paying for the repair or replacement of that instrument due to negligence or improper care.  Students are required to keep marching uniforms, tuxedos, shirts and dresses clean and wrinkle-free at all times.  Black shoes (boys & girls) and black socks(boys) are the only acceptable footwear for concerts. White sneakers (no stripes) are required for marching performances.

Uniform Instructions:  Please ask your child to try on the uniform they were assigned.  Some uniforms may need sleeve and pants bottom alterations.  Please wear pants as high as possible by adjusting the suspenders. Please don't allow pants to drag on the ground.  This can damage the garment. The bottom of the pants should touch the top of the shoe and be hemmed accordingly. Please DO NOT cut any material.

Sneakers: All band members are required to purchase an all-white leather sneaker for the marching band.