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ext: 4032

Assistant Varsity Softball Coach 

HOMEROOM 110 AUTERI/FUSCO code: fmak3qm
***Important***: Emergency School Closure:

  • Health Classes: Please use our Health Class Google Classroom Page. I have also attached the lessons on this page, under 11 Grade Health, in the event you cannot get on google classroom.
  • Physical Education Classes: Please see attached assignments to the left, under my Physical Education Classroom Tab. I have also created a PE Google Classroom by Grade to submit assignments: 
  • If you have a device to track this, please screenshot and take a picture and send it back to me. If the student does not have a device please describe in a paragraph what you did to reach this goal and send it to me.

    Apps to use:
    iPhone - Health App it has a heart on it


Marking Period 4

11th Grade Health

Section 832/07- 6fwizaf

Section 832/08- 3phn7jw

10th Grade Phys. Ed

Section 821/01: cfcvdvu

12th Grade Phys. Ed

Section 841/01 aexib3z

Section 841/02: cbdyvo5

Section 841/03: xnsusox



 "Always remember that you're braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem and smarter than you think."

"Physical Education is POWERFUL education!!!" :)

Welcome to Physical Education and Health Class!  MP3

Physical Education

Physical Fitness- Stretching, Cardiovascular Endurance and Conditioning 




Mat ball


11th Grade Lessons




First Aid & Safety & CPR AED


Grading Policy- Physical Education

ALL Students start 4 points daily based on 4 categories.

- 5 classes every 2 weeks = 20 pts

- 10 classes every 4 weeks = 40 pts (progress report)

- 20 classes every 8 weeks = 80 pts ( approx full MP)

4 Daily Points

- Attendance/ Do Now

- Participation

- Behavior/ Respect / Sportsmanship

- Electronic Use

Adapted Assignment - Pending 

Grading Policy- Health 

60% Classwork ( DO NOW, worksheets, reviews, etc...)

20% Quizzes/ Projects

20% Quarterly


Health is only ONE Marking Period per school year and a graduation requirment. Therefore, attendance is important.  After 4 absenses, your child will lose credit for the course.  The loss of credit may result in having to retake Health during summer school.

Cell Phone Policy:  If a student is caught using a cell phone during class the following will occur

1st Offense: Warning/Documented by the teacher

2nd Offense: Cell phone is taken away for the remainder of class/ email is sent home/ documented by the teacher

3rd+Offense: Cell phone is taken away for the remainder of day/ phone call home/ documented by the teacher

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