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Attention Room 223 Homeroom Students: Please use the code aazvav2 to join Mr. Carucci's homeroom on Google Classroom (

In the event of an emergency school closure, Mr. Carucci will be taking homeroom attendance online. Here are the steps to follow to enter your attendance.

1. Sign in to Google Classroom using your school email address (

2. Between 9:00-9:30 a.m., click on the Attendance Question for that day, and respond to the question with the answer "PRESENT." Make sure to click the SUBMIT button. If you don't click SUBMIT, your attendance will not be processed. Attendance will close at 9:30 a.m. SHARP, so make sure to log in by then.



My name is Margo Rendzia and I am currently in my 14th year teaching here at Lyndhurst High School.  I completed my undergraduate work at Lycoming College, where I graduated with dual Bachelor of Arts degrees in English and Theater.  I also graduated with a minor in Criminal Justice.  I then continued my education at New Jersey City University where I received my initial teacher’s certification along with my Masters in Special Education. I obtained my standard English Teacher Certification in 2016.  I have met the requirements for The State of New Jersey to be highly qualified in both K-8 and English and am the co-advisor for the Class of 2020, the Book Club and the Animal Welfare Club. 

Student Expectations:

Goals are important! In order to accomplish our goals in English class, this is what you will be expected to do:

  1. Be prepared! Everyday! This means you bring what you need to class EVERYDAY! (Please see Materials Needed Section for what you need on a daily basis.)
  2. Be on time and in your seat when the bell rings. Copy objective into your notebook and begin Do Now/Bell Work without being reminded to do so… more on this to follow under Attendance Section…
  3. R-E-S-P-E-C-T… Give it, and get it. Only one person should be speaking at a time… when teacher(s) are speaking, you should not be speaking. Give your classmates the same respect. Everyone will have a chance to contribute to the discussion. Also, please keep hands, feet, and objects to yourselves. Even when done playfully, it is not acceptable.
  4. Do your work! Always read your assignments and turn in your work on time. No copying or plagiarizing another person’s work or words. This will not be tolerated, and will result in a grade of zero for that assignment for all those involved.
  5. Cell phones are required to be placed in a cell-phone pocket holder at the front of the room.  Each student is assigned their own pocket.  If a phone is not placed in the pocket at the start of class and a student is caught on that phone, phone will be confiscated and entered in discipline as "refusal to turn over cell phone to teacher." Further punishment will then be directed to and administered by Administration as they deem fit.
  6. Purses, backpacks, etc., are to be placed under your desk.

Types of Assignments to be Graded:

They say variety is the spice of life. You will be expected to complete a wide variety of assignments that will include, but not be limited to, the following:

  • Tests/Quizzes: Tests will always be announced ahead of time, while quizzes are usually announced ahead of time, although there is always the possibility of a “pop” quiz.
  • Projects/Papers: These types of assignments will always be announced well in advance of their due date, with all expectations and rubrics clearly explained. The school’s media center is available for typing and printing.
  • Homework: Homework is to be completed on time. Late work will lose 10 points for each day late (not each class block, each DAY). Late and missing assignments will definitely have a negative effect on your grade.
  • Class Participation: Everyone needs to participate in class! Discussing literature and ideas will help your understanding in class. Just remember, be respectful. Everyone’s opinion, whether or not you agree with it, will be heard and respected.
  • Preparedness: You need to be prepared for every class with all your materials. No passes to lockers to get your things will be issued, and we do not have the resources to provide you with items such as pens/pencils. Be on time. Complete your work. These will all be taken into consideration when determining your class participation grade.
  • Attendance:  Absences: When you are absent, you are responsible for the work you miss- notes, homework, etc. You must get notes from a classmate, or see Web page. Teacher websites will also contain copies of handouts from class, along with current assignments. If you are absent only 1 day, you will be expected to be prepared for the following class.  If absent more than 1 day, you must see me upon your return to school to discuss an adequate amount of time to complete your makeup work. If you are absent on the day of a test or quiz, you are required to make it up within ONE WEEK, by making an appointment either before or after school. If you are absent the day a paper is due, you are expected to e-mail it to me on the date the paper is due, unless other arrangements have been made.


Extra Help:

If you need extra help, all you need to do is ask! I will gladly schedule a mutually convenient time to help you. After all, your success is very important to me!


Feel free to e-mail me with questions or concerns. My school e-mail address is:



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