Ms. Jennifer Claydon

Jefferson School Guidance Counselor & Anti- Bullying Specialist 



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About Me

Ms. Claydon was a Special Education Teacher for 3 years and has 8 years of experience as a school counselor. Ms. Claydon has been a counselor at the elementary, middle and high school levels. 

Ms. Claydon holds a Bachelor's Degree in Education & Psychology. She also has a Master's Degree in Counseling. Ms. Claydon is a member of Kappa Delta Pi.

The Lyndhurst School District is strongly committed to building children’s social, emotional and academic competencies. The Guidance Department is an integral part of this community that fosters respect, responsibility and caring through instructional programs, activities and a partnership between parents, administrators, teachers and the community in raising children.

How Counselors Help

The Guidance Department provides counseling services individually and in groups to assist all children in exploring and understanding themselves. Counseling can focus on academics, personal problems, peer relationships, authority conflicts, critical social problems, and family situations. The goal is to help children build social, emotional and academic competencies.
In addition to individual counseling, the counselor meets and works collaboratively with all teachers.  The counselor is responsible for the administration of the standardized testing program. The counselor is a member of the Section 504 and Intervention & Referral Services (I&RS) Committees and also works closely with the Child Study Team.  Thus, main stream teachers are constantly apprised of the special needs of the classified students in their classes.
The counselor also serves as coordinators of services between school and outside agencies. Parents are encouraged to notify the counselor if their child is receiving services from an outside agency. 

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