The I&RS multi-disciplinary team approach is embedded in the philosophy of the Lyndhurst School District. We believe in working together as a cohesive team for the good of all our students.  Our I&RS team works to establish an effective mechanism to problem solve and provide successful intervention for our students.  We offer a structure for collegial planning, intervening and decision making in the best interest of our students. The multi-disciplinary team approach is research based and field-tested nation wide and therefore, becomes a practical choice for our school district as it supports our firm belief in evidence-based practices. 

The Lincoln School I&RS team includes:

Mr. Michael Rizzo, Principal

Mrs. Christina Bancroft, Nurse

Mr. Robert Kost, Teacher

Ms. Jen Solomon, Teacher & Principal Designee

Mr. Steve Arrigoitia, Sp Ed Teacher

Mrs. Staci Valentin, Remedial Teacher

Ms. Maryann Mule, School Counselor

Mr. Felix Diaz, ESL Teacher

Ms. Cassandra Laudati, Remedial Teacher

Mrs. Jill Birnback, CST Member