The I&RS multi-disciplinary team approach is embedded in the philosophy of the Lyndhurst School District. We believe in working together as a cohesive team for the good of all our students.  Our I&RS team works to establish an effective mechanism to problem solve and provide successful intervention for our students.  We offer a structure for collegial planning, intervening and decision making in the best interest of our students. The multi-disciplinary team approach is research based and field-tested nation wide and therefore, becomes a practical choice for our school district as it supports our firm belief in evidence-based practices. 

The Lincoln School I&RS team includes:

Mr. Michael Rizzo, Principal

Mrs. Christina Merritt, Nurse

Mr. Robert Kost, Teacher

Ms. Jen Solomon, Teacher & Principal Designee

Mrs. Maureen Colombo

Ms. Maryann Mule, School Counselor

Mr. Felix Diaz, ESL Teacher

Ms. Cassandra Laudati, Remedial Teacher

Mrs. Jill Birnback, CST Member