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Calming Breathing Techniques & Mindfulness


3/16 Rainbow Breath-Flow, from GoNoodle "Emotions"-Story Bots Super Songs 
3/17 3 Breathing exercises for anxious feelings/children

Inside Out Movie: Guessing the Feelings

3/18 Square breathing (focus and calm) What is Social-Emotional Learning and why is it important?
3/19 Calming Exercises for Kids: Breathing and Stretching  25 Ways to Spread Kindness Printable Worksheets
3/20 Relaxed breathing, blow fish Anger management for Kids (and adults)
3/23 5 Breathing Exercises for Kids for Calm and Focus Friendship Soup
3/24 Five Finger Breathing Go Noodle: Are you More like sand or dirt?
3/25 Meltdown Compilation: Stress Relief for kids Guess and Learn Emotions and feelings for kids-part 1
3/26 Butterfly Body Scan Sesame Street: Name that Emotion with Murray
3/27 "Belly breathe" with Elmo Getting Along With Others
3/30 Relax and Breathe: Shape x Sesame Street: Word on the Street: Respect
3/31 Calm Breathe Bubble

How do they feel now?


How to Practice Belly Breathing-Nemours Children’s Health System

How are they feeling now? (2)
4/2 & 4/3

Breathe With Me- Guided Breathing Meditation for kids

Sesame Street: Wash your Hands
Week of April 6th-April 10th Breathing Super Power Sesame Street: Dave Matthews and Grover sing about feelings
Week of April 20th-April 24th  5 Minute Box Breathing Meditation

Social Emotional Learning: Healthy Home Practices with COVID-19


May-June 2 minute breathe bubble CNN/Sesame Street Town Hall: Doctor Answers Kid's Questions about Corona Virus



Coloring Pages

Relaxing Background Music

Games to Play at home

It's OK to to take  a time out, parents:


3/20 25 Ways to Spread Kindness Printable Worksheets Calm Piano 24/7:study music 26 Brain Boosting Memory Games for Kids Meditation-Self Compassion for Parents
3/23 Be Kind Coloring Pages 4 Hours of Music for studying, concentration and Memory Teach your kids, rock papers scissors to help take turns and solve small conflicts Meditation for Conscious Parenting
3/24 Hidden Character Traits/ColoringPages Ambient Music for studying 12 Classic Card Games to play with your kids Guided Meditation: Heal Your Inner Child- Healing Your Inner Child

Word coloring pages

Enhance Positive Energy Musical Chairs Freeze dance music with STOP feature

The Peaceful Parent- Meditation 1 by Children's Specialized Hospital 

3/26 Inspiration Quotes Coloring Pages for Adults and Children Relaxing Guitar Music 30+ Free Printable ScavengerHuntsforKids

Love Parenting:Hard Day Parenting Meditation

3/27 Doodle Art- Free printable coloring pages for kids Morning Relaxing Music-Positive Background Music 87 Energy-Busting Indoor Games & Activities for kids Guided Meditation for Inner Peace and Calm/Mindful Movement
3/30 Free Crayola Coloring Pages  Disney Relaxing Piano Collection Indoor Games: 20 ideas to keep the kids entertained on a rainy day  Breathing Exercises to help reduce stress | HeadSpace
3/31 Crayola coloring pages Good Morning Peace Music 8 Fun pencil and paper games 3 minute Body Scan for Parents and kids

Best coloring Pages for Kids

Calm Background Music

Fun Family 

Game Ideas

5 minute

Box Breathing


4/2 & 4/3 Free Kindness Coloring Pages

Relax music for stress relief


Old School Games

2 minute meditation for releasing stress

Week of April 6th-April 10th Coloring 4 Kids Reading Music to Concentrate 75 Indoor Games  Mindful breathing
Week of April 20th-April 24th  Thank a Teacher Coloring Page Classical Music for Studying 15 Fun and Cheap Family Game Night Activities 15 Minutes of Super Deep Meditation Music
Week of April 27th-May 1st  Stay at Home: Creativity Waves 30 Famous Classical Piano Pieces 20 Fun Games to Play on Zoom Breathing Exercises for Stress Relief


Check out Social Emotional Learning from our very own Ms. Gabby and Ms. Kathryn!

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*Please be patient while we convert this information into google classroom! 


Quick Steps in Creating Pen Pal Relationships: Social Emotional Learning from Home



Quick and Easy Calming Technique for little ones!





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