Special Services - PARCC


PARRC Video Explainer

This video gives a brief explanation about PARRC.  


School Accommodation and Modification Ideas for Students who Receive Special Education Services

This is  an informational article for parents and educators. This article explains the accomodations and modifications that are allowed for students who receive special education services. 


Students with IEPs and New Jersey State Assessments: Information for Parents and Families 

This informational borchure will answer some of the most freqently asked questions by parents and educators about the New Jersey State Assessment and how it affects students with IEPs. 


Dynamic Learning MAPS (DLM)

This website gives information about the alternate assessment that is administered to students who are significantly intellectually disabled.


New Jersey DLM Participation Guidelines 2015-2016

This document outlines the eligibility requirements for  for taking the DLMS.


Parent PARCC Score Reoprt Guide

This link takes you to the parent resource webpage where PAARC scores are explained in English and Spanish.