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Special Education: What you need to know...

Mission Statement

         The Lyndhurst School District’s Child Study Teams are multi-disciplinary educational teams. Our teams are responsible for locating, identifying, evaluating, determining eligibility and developing Individualized Education Program (IEP) for our students who are suspected of having educational disabilities. We service children and young adults ages 3 to 21. Together with the parents, district’s teachers, administrators, and I&RS committees, the Child Study Teams make recommendations for programs and placements. These recommendations are designed to best meet the needs of our students.


      The Child Study Teams seek to prepare our students to become meaningful contributing members of society and to participate successfully in our local, as well as global community. We direct students to achieve academic skills while simultaneously facilitating their emotional and social development, with the goal of becoming lifelong learners at the forefront.


     The teams consist of School Psychologists, Learning Disabilities Teacher-Consultants, School Social Workers, and in some cases, a Speech and Language Pathologist. We remain accessible to all our families and we firmly believe in engaging all stakeholders for the common good of our students.