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Joseph A. DeCorso



Joseph A. DeCorso



I currently reside locally in Essex County where I live with my wife Sara and my sons, Joseph and Michael. I have been with the Lyndhurst Public Schools as an administrator in various capacities for twelve years. I am committed to the success of all academic endeavors within our schools as well as the Lyndhurst Township as a whole. 

Professional Background

Before becoming the Superintendent I was the Assistant Superintendent and Director of Curriculum and Instruction. Prior to that I served as the principal of Roosevelt School here in Lyndhurst for four years. I however started my career in Lyndhurst as the principal of Franklin School. Before becoming an administrator I started my career in education as a fifth grade classroom teacher. From there I went back to school to get my certification in special education and became a special education teacher in Newark, NJ. After working for several years as a special education teacher I decided to pursue my Masters of Arts degree in school administration. Since enrolling in and completing the graduate program I have had the opportunity to work in several leadership roles in public schools. I was first the coordinator of special education for a building servicing over 250 special needs students, with classifications ranging from Specific Learning Disabled to Autistic. From this position I transitioned into becoming a building vice principal where I was a member of the administrative team responsible for over 900 pre-kindergarten to eighth grade students.


As a former vice principal and resource coordinator of special education, I believe all children have the ability to learn and have the right to an appropriate education. This belief has driven me throughout my career and motivated me to become an instructional leader compassionate to every learner. This philosophy is rooted in my special education experiences as both a teacher and coordinator. As educators we must believe every student has the ability to achieve greatness and must work to ensure they are afforded all opportunities to do so.

Home/ School Connection

As a husband and father I know the importance of family and want to ensure every student in The Lyndhurst Public Schools is welcomed into our learning community. My goal is to make sure there is a seamless bridge between the home and school. All stakeholders must be involved in a child’s education and it is our duty as teachers, parents, and administrators to make sure this happens.


The town of Lyndhurst offers many great programs and supports the schools in a variety of ways. I believe it is our responsibility as the Lyndhurst Learning Community to give back and contribute to the town of Lyndhurst. Our district will always support and welcome visitors from the town and will assist the community by providing additional resources whenever possible.