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The course objectives center on the study of all living things. Students will cover biochemistry, cellular and molecular biology, genetics and the diversity of living things, evolution, human biology and the relationship of living things to their environment. CCCS in Biology are met in this program. Emphasis is placed on laboratory work.
Biology Class Schedule & Homework
  • Where can you access information on Ms. Manzella's Website?

    Each period listed in the subheadings of the Biology page (located in the navigation bar to the left) provides the class schedule and homework for each block per day. Please view the page labeled with the period you are in to stay up-to-date on assignments and class information.

    Generally, Powerpoints presented and worksheets handed out during class as well as general course information and project requirements will be provided in the folders to the left on this message. However, Google Classroom will also be utilized frequently throughout the year.


  • Grade Book Information

    When you are viewing the Grade Book for the Biology course in the Student/Parent Portal please keep in mind the following information:

     RCD  – assignment has been received from the student, but has not yet been graded

     MIS  – assignment has not been received from the student, but may still be handed in (for a late grade)

     0  – assignment was not completed by the student and cannot be made up

Long-Term Assignments (Labs & Projects)
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