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K - 12 Registration Information

Pre-K 3 and Pre-K 4 Registration

Pre-registration is OPEN.  Pre-K pre -registration will only be open from March 6 – April 5.  You must pre-register your child in this time period. 

Click here for Pre-K registration letter which provides additional information about our program.

Pre-K is based on a lottery selection process. The pre-registration window will begin on March 1st and close on March 30th. All parents/guardians will be notified of their child’s enrollment status mid-April. Lottery selection process may be repeated until all pre-K spots are filled. There are a limited number of pre-K 3 and pre-K 4 seats. Enrolled pre-K 3 students are automatically given an opportunity to enroll in the district’s pre-K 4 program.

Lyndhurst offers half-day Pre-K class for five (5) days a week. The Pre-K is at a tuition rate.


Kindergarten Registration

Kindergarten Registration Window is Open. Click here for the flyer

Students registering for Kindergarten must be five (5) years of age on or before October 1st of that school year, as per Lyndhurst Board of Education policy 5112. Once parents/guardians have pre-registered their child, they will be notified to come in to complete the registration process. Specific dates and times are provided for parents/guardians. There will be two registration sessions held during the day and one evening registration session will also be available.

Lyndhurst offers full-day Kindergarten



If you have any questions concerning this registration process, contact the Board of Education office via email at or by phone at 201-438-5683