Letter From Mr. Giangeruso

Principal's desk

From the Desk of Robert Giangeruso
Columbus and Community Schools


March 20, 2020

Dear Parents/Guardians:

First and foremost, I wanted to take a moment to “check-in” to see how all of you are doing.  The teachers/staff at Columbus and Community Schools have been thinking about the students and their families often during this past week.  We miss seeing the kids each day as the navigate through the schools and their classrooms learning and socializing.  Unfortunately, we know at this time it is not possible to be learning in the traditional setting we have know for many years, due to the health issues that are currently happening throughout the world.  Please stay healthy and take care of your families and we will see you as soon as we are given the word that we can return to school.

As we have implemented our distance learning school at Columbus/Community Schools and this type of teaching/learning is new to all of us, I wanted to commend the teachers, students and parents for all doing a great job.  We all know we cannot full replicate in person and whole classroom instruction so therefore, in order for our distance learning plan to be successful, we must continue work in a partnership together.  This letter provides some simple reminders for our students and parents.

You MUST e-mail your homeroom teacher by 9 A.M. that your child is “Present” each day.  Simply, send and e-mail each morning to the homeroom teacher letting them know your child is working on that day’s daily assignments.  This is very important for the daily attendance of your child.

For the students attending Columbus School, daily lessons will be posted under the current day on the Teacher’s website for your child’s classroom teacher.  For example Day 5 is Friday, March 20,2020.  If the student is struggling with an assignment causing major difficulty, please e-mail your child’s teacher and explain the concern/question.  The challenge of remote instruction is that a teacher won’t be able to “see” when a student is struggling, so with that being said, “Communication is a key element to this online process.”
For the students attending Community school, the teachers sent each student home with packet on Friday, March 13, 2020 for them to complete.
Teachers will be available from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. each day for you to e-mail any questions.  Please utilize the teachers as if they were in their classrooms.  Their feedback might not be immediate, but it will be timely.

Please check the Teacher’s Webpage and look under the tab “Supplemental Emergency Plans” for each day’s lessons.  They are uploaded daily from each teacher listing all subjects scheduled on their given day. 

Again, and most importantly, your family and their safety is the top priority and most important above all else, so please continue to be safe and practice social distancing methods while we all fight this virus together.  The faster we all do our part in stopping the spread of this diseased, the sooner we could all get back to our daily lives. Your family and their safety comes first.


   Robert V. Giangeruso

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